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Astral Projection For Beginners

Astral Projection For Beginners

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· What is astral projection, and why can it be valuable to you beyond just an amazing experience of mind traveling and leaving your body?

· Is astral projecting dangerous? (a must-read chapter for the ones who’ve never done it before!)

· Essential energy concepts and how to achieve the level of energy when your mind leaves your body and becomes an independent being?

· What is the easiest way to effective astral projection? (for some, it take months to master this, and I will give you the shortcut)

· Can you get stuck out of your body if you astral project? And how to make sure you come back at it the exact time you want

· Astral projection techniques for beginners and advanced – special training to improve your Astral Skills and go beyond just leaving your physical body

· Best techniques of the astral projection (these techniques are not for everyone, so be cautious once you try them out)

· Practical advice about how to astral travel (from my own experience + some of the best practices from most experienced gurus)