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Readings and Other Services Pricing

At Springs Spirituality Metaphysical Shop, we offer many types of readings every day! Here's a list of the kinds of readings we offer and their pricing, call 719-666-0194 to schedule 
General Readings
General readings on a variety of topics, touching on a little bit of everything in your life and in the future. We have a tierd reader system at the shop, less experienced readers are donation based, moderately experienced readers are $1 per minute, expert readers are $1.25 a minute and a reading with one of our tarot masters and owners is $1.50 a minute.
For example: 
$1.25 per minute
30 minutes for $37.50  
45 minutes for $56.25
60 minutes for $75
Mediumship Readings
Connecting with loved ones or spirit guides on the other side, your reader is a direct channel for you to communicate with them.
$1.75 per minute 
30 minutes for $52.50
45 minutes for $78.75
60 minutes for $105
Shadow Readings 
Looking into your past and present struggles and darker/hidden side of ones self to push forward into the future equipped spiritually and mentally to tackle new problems as they come up and old problems as the resurge.
$1.75 per minute
30 minutes for $52.50
45 minutes for $78.75
60 minutes for $105
Our shop also has an in house master reiki healing practitioner! She is available for multiple types of sessions, empowering your body mind and spirit to be able to heal itself to the best if it's abilities as well as relieve stress. Call 719-600-1224 or 719-666-0194 to schedule 
30 Minute Chair Reiki
$30, includes any intuitive information that may come in during session. Chakra alignment session 
1-2 hours Table Reiki Session
$85, takes place in our in house reiki practitioners at home reiki studio. Includes any intuitive information that comes in during the session, Chakra alignment included. 
Private Singing Bowl Sound bath Meditation 

A 45 minute immersive sound bath experience,  guiding you through meditation while aligning and balancing your chakras and experiencing deep sound healing. Our singing bowls resonate at 432 hz and are nearly 100% pure American quartz crystal. Sound healing is effective at working through anxiety,  stress, inbalance, traumas and more.  45 minute Private session $40, group sessions are $30 for 1 hour per person. A group is 3 people or more. We also have a donation based sound bath experience every other Saturday! Call to inquire 719-666-0194 

Tarot Lessons
Our shop has an in house Tarot Practitioner who extends her practice out into teaching others the craft as well. Within 4 hours, you will have all of the basics of tarot under your belt, as well as intuitive reading, ready to start your journey with the Tarot. Call 719-600-1224 to schedule 
Private Tarot Lessons:
$60 for 1 hour of lessons 
**Walk ins sometimes accepted if time slot is available