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Intro to Tarot

Learn the basics of the centuries-old art of Tarot card divination. By the end of this four hour class you will be able to perform your own tarot card readings and answer any questions you may have, from “where did I lose my car keys?” all the way to major life issues.

We will cover the basics of the Tarot such as how to read intuitively, about the deck, history, basic spreads, and detailed information on each card of the Major Arcana. This class will be taught using the Rider-Waite-Smith system and the information can easily be transferred over to a vast majority of modern tarot decks based on the RWS style.
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Next class March 13th 2021
Want to keep it small due to COVID-19? We teach private lessons as well!

Intermediate Tarot

Some knowledge of Tarot Card reading is required for this class. (Check out Intro to Tarot!)

Having begun to explore Tarot, we will now look at the Arcana in a detailed light. In this intermediate Tarot course we will be learning how the cards speak with one another, not just how they speak on an individual level. We will also be covering some more advanced spreads for specific situations. At the end of class we will be going over some exercises you can practice at home to further develop your intuition and untapped potential. After class, you will become even more confident in Tarot and your abilities.
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