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About the Readers/Owners

Natalie Paige, Spiritual Adviser has lived all over the southwest  region of the United States throughout her life, and moved frequently as a child. Her family includes her maternal grandmother, Jean, who is a professional numerologist as well as Angel/Oracle card reader. Natalie has had psychic experiences since childhood, the most significant being through a dream she had of a man breaking out of prison near her elementary school, and thus going on lockdown, that came true the next day. She was 8 years old at the time. She first read another person's cards at the age of 14, and by 18 she had found her purpose. During this time, she had met her soon to be husband, Vincent. They had one son together but unfortunately Vincent passed away from cancer in 2014 after fighting colon cancer for just under one year. This event shifted the course of her life dramatically, desperate for a life preserver in a sea of grief she chose to visit with an Albuquerque local Tarot reader named Anita. Anita was an incredibly gifted reader and medium, she was able to communicate with Vincent and empowered Natalie to move forward with her life. She even had described her next love and husband Brandon to a "T", as he is today. It was then that she discovered the true power of Tarot and has performed thousands of readings since. During her time as a home health care worker she expanded her knowledge in Tarot and spirituality by studying with a woman of the Little Shell of Chippewa Indians in Montana . Natalie Paige recently became a mother of two, and now practices locally in Colorado Springs. She was chosen as a staff pick in August of 2018 and March of 2020 for the #1 psychic  app, Purple Ocean where she has a 5 star profile. She began instructing others on how to read Tarot as well towards the end of 2018 and now teaches classes at  Springs Spirituality Metaphysical Shop. She is skilled both in person as well as remotely and has taken personal clients as far away as Australia. She is empowering, enlightening, and a joy to receive a reading from. Her specialty is Shadow work, due to her difficult past she has found her life's purpose in helping others through the shadows in their life. Natalie is also Master level white light reiki certified, and occasionally will incorporate this in her readings to best help the client process through their feelings that come up during session. 
Contact Natalie at 719-600-1224
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Jazmine is a clairvoyant, medium, and card reader. She received these very special gifts even before she was born. Her mother knew that she had been blessed with many gifts because she and others had heard her cry three times prior to her birth.  Like her, other members of the family, all women, were given the same gifts and they also were known to have cried before their birth.  This crying is a sign of the intuitive gifts passed to Jazz on her mother's side of the family. Jazz has been a psychic/medium and card reader for over 18 years and she started reading professionally about 12 years ago. She reads Tarot and Spanish cards in both English and in Spanish. She has performed in Holistic Festivals in the state of Colorado and most of her readings are done locally. She does many readings over the phone as well as in person.  To read the cards, and medium connections, she performs energy cleansing to her surroundings and uses crystals and a variety of rocks as protection.  Jazz and many others think of her as a great card reader, if given the opportunity to read for you, we assure you that you will be extremely satisfied with your reading.
Contact Jazz at 9157991562