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About Springs Spirituality


We began as a Colorado Springs local Spirituality community on Facebook in December of 2018, we have accepted people from all denominations and faiths and have supported countless on their journeys. Over time, we realised that we had many talented business owners making holistic and Metaphysical supplies in our community. We had a vision of opening a metaphysical supply store to feature all of our amazing talents in the community. On the night of the full moon in September of 2019 we, Natalie Evans, Jazz RaErb, and a friend preformed a manifestation ceremony for the shop, and exactly one week later we got a phone call inviting us to set  up shop inside of the cottonwood center for the arts.

 Se habla Espanol!



Every item you see* in Springs Spirituality Metaphysical Shop comes from a neighbour, handmade and handpicked and purely intentioned. You can rest assured knowing that any energy you spend in our shop goes right back into your own community.

 *With the exception of Tarot and Oracle decks



In addition to a metaphysical shop, we also have Tarot and Spanish card readings available every day on the topic of your choosing, and occasionally guest readers! 


*We take a break from readings between 2pm-4pm to pick up children from school*


Hacemos lecturas de Tarot en Espanol!