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Witchy Tea Blends

Witchy Tea Blends

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Drink your spell jar!

Made with organic herbs and crafted for both spellwork or casual drinking. Each blend is crafted for its specific purpose or ritual work

Grounding & Cleansing - An herby Black Tea blend perfect for internal and spiritual cleansing. Great for pre-spell work and releasing negative energies

Divination - Black tea combination used for ritual, spell work and divination. This blend is perfect inside and outside of the altar room!

Lucid Dreaming - This Herbal blend is perfect for honing one's ability for lucid dreaming and astral projection. Drinking this before bedtime can also help with retaining of one's dreams!

Sweet Dreams - Not your average Sleepy time tea! This herbal concoction helps relax the body before dozing off

Love Potion - A Green & White tea blend perfect for any love spell related work -igniting romantic flames, cutting away cords, self-love and healing and much more!

Money & Success - This Green & White tea combo's purpose is in the name. Perfect cup to drink before a job interview, manifesting money or career goals, or any financial venture upcoming! 

Prosperity & Abundance - This minty Green Tea blend is perfect not only for finances, but overall success and prosperity in your life! A perfect cup to drink before any big manifestation 

Stress Relief - This minty and herbal White tea blend is perfect to sip on after a long stressful day. Relaxes the nerves and soothes the soul with every cup!